Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What Pundits, Media, and the GOP Do Not Get About Trump.

Donald Trump like most people his age was born and raised in a time before political correctness caused politicians to walk on eggshells. Walking on eggshells is like walking on a stony path barefoot. It slows you down.You become to busy concentrating on avoiding the small pebbles and divert your eyes and mind off your destination. Trump for all of his faults is admired because he does not take time to be PC it slows him down. Trump is a man who gets things done. In June of 1986, NY City’s six-year effort to renovate the Wollman Ice-Skating Rink in Central Park was $12 million over budget and nowhere near completion. Trump offered to take the project over and get it completed by Christmas and best of all with no cost to the City. Trump had the project completed by October 31, two months ahead of schedule and $750,000 under budget. At the time, Trump said, "We did a job here and we put a lot of guts into it and we're proud of it." The people are frustrated with the ice skating rink that Washington insiders have been working on for years. They want guts back into politics. They are tired of having our politicians apologize for every misspoken word. They are tired of electing officials to fight the opposition on bills only to see them cave in. They are looking for leadership and performance not lies and manmade delays due to eggshell walking. We have elected seasoned politicians and it has gotten us nowhere.give us someone with guts and a spine. Until the GOP produces that candidate, I am with Trump.

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