Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Love is the Wisdom of the Fool and the Folly of the Wise"

This quote started me wondering what Samuel Johnson had in mind when he penned his observation. Samuel Johnson was an English author, critic, and lexicographer. He also possessed a great sense of humor as seen in his feeling about cucumbers "A cucumber should be well-sliced, dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out."  

 Although this quote is listed as a humorous love quote on many websites, I am not so sure. The first part of the quote " Love is the wisdom of the fool" is really sad. A fool's wisdom is love. Wisdom is what helps us make decisions and if a fool is making his decisions based on love it is bound to get him in trouble. It gives too much importance to love.  

 The second part of the quote "and the folly of the Wise" Folly is foolishness which gives love too little importance in the wise person's life.  

 Both are extreme abuses of love, for love should be an integrated part of life. It is only then, we can have a healthy love relationships, whether it is with another person, child, food, drink or money

Thursday, May 14, 2009

All My Pugs

Here are the pugs I have fostered, and the pugs I have.
Starting from the top left corner.

1. Roxi she came from an amish puppy mill in PA and was afraid of everything. She stayed with us from November until February of this year.

2. Buggs, he came from a puppy mill in Missouri and is 70 percent blind. He's three and is full of energy. We picked him up this past Saturday and he is up for adoption.

3. Iris, she stole my heart. I called her Queen Iris. We had her from August until October. She was from a back yard breeder in Maryland.

4. Cheeko, what a beautiful pug. Apricot is a hard color to find in a pug. He was an owner surrender from Vermont.

5. Tawny also came the from the amish puppy mill in PA. We adopted her.

6. Sassy. She fit her name. She was adopted last week. I miss her.

7. Jelly was a puppy mill dog, who easily became used to the life of a pampered pug.

8. Porkchop we adopted in 2005 he was an owner surrender from Vermont.

9. Buck we bought when he was 3 months old. He is now 14.

10. Molly came from Arkansas she has a collasping trachea. We adopted her in 2003.

Please adopt instead of shopping for any breed of dog. All breeds have rescue groups. If you are interested in a pug and live in New Hampshire or Vermont contact Green Mountain Pug Rescue..
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Friday, May 1, 2009

How Trish Met Ethan..

Trish is the protagonist in my WIP Bruised Fruit. As in most novels there is a lot of background information that gets left out. Some events are alluded to because the story begins after the event. I will be posting my "out takes" here on occasion Looking forward to your feedback.

"Oh my God.... He is gorgeous!" We commented at the same time. June laughed and I looked

at Pam who had her head out the car window...

"Hey... you... walking ... You wanna ride?" Pam shouted. "Come get in." Pam embarrassed us,

but before we could blush, Mr. Gorgeous walked towards the car, opened up the rear door and

sat down next to me.

"So... what's your name?" June turned her head and asked.

"Ethan Roselli." His voice was low and his face without a smile. .

“Roselin?" I asked.

"NO! Roselli" He spoke louder and added. "I'm Italian."

"You don't look Italian," I said noting his dark blonde hair.

"I'm Sicilian."

"Oh... I'm Trish, this is June, and the screamer is Pam."

He responded with a nod and remained silent. After two blocks, he said, "Let me out here."

Pam stopped the car and Ethan exited.

"Sure wasn't too friendly... huh?" June began to giggle...

"Great looking guys are like that... it's why I turned down Tony Fusco's offer to the prom. I

don't like pretty boys."

"Madonn'! Fusco asked you to the prom and you didn't tell me? He's a senior! Are you nuts?"

June rolled her eyes.

Pam piped in, "And you guys say I'm loony? I'd go with him to the Prom."

"No surprise there, I want an ordinary guy....” I said and believed it, at least for the next three


“Hey girls... where ya going?” A voice yelled from across the street.

“Up Mike’s and down Jakes," I yelled to the figure shouting to us. June and I looked at each


“What’s it to you buddy?” June added.

“Com'on, doncha remember me? I wanna talk to you.”

“You wanna talk to us, you come here. We ain’t dogs.” June said.

When he was closer I said in a soft voice, “’s Mr. Gorgeous, that guy we picked up."

“Ohhh .. So it is,” June said as he ran across the street.

“Remember me?” Ethan asked.

“How could we forget?” I said in my most sarcastic voice. 

"I was just thinkin about you girls," He said.

“Sure you were, bet you don’t remember our names.” June put out the challenge.

“Bet I do. She’s Trish,” he said pointing to me, “and you’re Pam.” Ethan said appearing oh so


“Wrong, Mr. Smarty-pants. I’m Trish and she’s Pam.” June said messing with him. It was one

of her many talents.

“I know she’s Trish, you’re fooling with me. You must be Jane.”

“Wrong again dufus,” June said and we both laughed.

“She is Trish. I never forget a pretty girl’s name... not that you aren’t pretty... I don’t mean

that.. Heck I was only in the car for a block.” Ethan said and I thought I saw him squirm.

“Okay guy, I’m June.”

“Whew... you’re tough.” Ethan said and went on “Nice to see you again June.”

“Same here.”

“Ya want some ice tea?” Ethan asked.

June and I looked at each other and exchanged our secret eye code. “ I don’t think so.” June said.

“Whatta mean, you don’t think so? You don’t know if you’re thirsty. Hey... my sister’s home.”

Ethan said as if he was offering some type of assurance..

“How old is your sister? Five?” I asked.

“No she’s sixteen. Com'on I’m not going to hurt you guys.”

Again, June and I exchanged our secret glance.

“Ahhh sure why not,” June said, shrugged her shoulders and gave me another eye signal. This

one said, “You owe me.”

Ethan opened the door for us and called “John, come here. Here’s the girls I just told you


John poked his head from around the corner... and said “Yup.. you were right.” and then

disappeared back to the kitchen.

“What’s that about?” I asked...

“Aghhh... he’s goofing on you. Younger brothers, ya know how they are.”

“No I don't.... Where’s your sister? Or did she leave?”

“Nope she’s here. Marie.... Marie... “ Ethan’s calls went unanswered.

“She went next door to use the phone.” John yelled..

“See I do have a sister. Com'on sit down,” Ethan said as he went over to the dinette table and

pulled out a chair.

I moved my head motioning to June to follow, she pulled out her own chair and sat down

across from me.

Ethan walked over the refrigerator and yelled, "John you hog! You drank all the ice tea!"

"So make more..." John said with a shrug.

"You guys want some water?" Ethan asked, holding two glasses in his hand..

"Nah... we're fine." June said.

"Just curious ... what were you thinking about us?" I asked Ethan.

"Oh.... yeah... back to that. I was telling John I wished I got your phone number."

"What makes you think I'd give it to yah? You were like so rude, no... grouchy."

"Umm... I thought you girls were someone else...I was meeting my cousin." Ethan's said.

His excuse was lame, and I didn't buy it..."That's no excuse for being grouchy."

"I'm sorry, didn't mean it.... Thursday's we meet... sing in the alcoves of the stores, after they

close... the echoes make the harmonizing sound sooo much better.. I'll teach you how to

harmonize, if you give me your number."

June and I exchange glances and laugh...

"I can't sing, but June can."

"Ahhhh anyone can harmonize." Ethan said with a wave of his hand and pulled out a pitch

pipe. "Just hum this tone, it's easy." Ethan said before blowing in the pipe.

"Hamm... " I started humming and Ethan motioned for John to join in and then June.. Then we

all busted out laughing...

"I told ya, you could do it. Now give me your number.." Ethan said handing me paper and pen.
I started to write my number 393-869 and before I put on the last digit, a woman and girl

walked in the door...

"Ethan... what are doing? Get these trollops out of my house!" The short stubby woman

I dropped the pen and paper, looked at June and we ran out the door... We could hear Ethan

saying.... "But mom... they're good girls...” as we shut the door.

June and I ran until we reached the cemetery... the short cut we always take home from my


"Boy, was she pissed!" June said.

"Yeah, nothing like making a good impression. June I like him"

"I know you do.." June said.

"I didn't finish writing the phone number. How can he call me?"

"He'll figure it out. He really, really likes you."

She was right, another one of her talents. An hour later my phone rang.

"Hello" I said

"Seven is my lucky number."

"Excuse me? Who is this?"

"It's Ethan... 393-869 SEVEN the number you left off... I called all the other numbers."

"I didn't leave it off on purpose," I said and motioned to June that Ethan was on the phone.

She shook her head and smiled.

"I know, sorry about that... my mother thought something was going on."

"I got that. Do you have girls over often?"

"Only once... and they weren't reputable." Ethan confessed.

"I take it your mom found out."

"That's what I like about you. You're smart."

"You aren't the kind of guy that likes girls for their brains."

"I'm not? What makes you so sure?"

"Name me one intelligent conversation we've had..."

"We haven't had any yet... but we will."

"Like what will talk about? "

"The John Birch Society, the Kennedy Assassination, WWII, I don't know.. Pick a subject."


"You got me... English isn't my best subject."

"And I know nothing about your things.."

"We'll help each. It‘s perfect."

"Perfect? We haven’t gotten off to a good start."

"It's not the beginning, it's the ending, that matters.."

"Ya think so?"

"I know so. We were meant for each another."

"Yeah... sure." I said with sarcasm and tried to ruffle his feather's." Let's set the wedding date

than." I looked at June to see her laughing and twirling her finger by her ear.

"Doesn't the bride set the date?" Ethan loved having one-upsmenship.

That was the day Ethan Roselli took ownership of my heart.